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Iowa Central Has Strong Showing at Collegiate Trap Championship

  • 5/3/2016 1:25:00 PM
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Results from the rain-shortened 2016 Collegiate Trap Championship April 30, at Stockdale’s Gun Club, near Ackley.  Seventy-seven athletes from seven Iowa colleges competed in the championship.

Ladies Singles Trap Results

Score         Athlete                                         School

87              Jessica Gunderson                        Iowa Central Community College
86              Andrea Baumler                          Northeast Iowa Community College
75              Shelby Woods                               Southwestern Community College
72              Shelby Flammang                        Iowa Central Community College
68              Shelby Jones                                 Southeastern Community College
67              Naomi England                            Iowa Central Community College
65              Claire Solem                                 Iowa Central Community College
29              Abigail Nie                                   Hawkeye Community College


Men Doubles Trap

Score         Athlete                                         School

76              Heath Evans                                Southwestern Community College
75              Trenton Cheers                            Southwestern Community College
71              Cody Bruggemeyer                      Southwestern Community College
58              Bryce DeKonig                             Grinnell Sure Shots


Men Singles Trap

Score         Athlete                                         School

96              Jacob Schwenker                          Iowa Central Community College
92              Heath Evans                                Southwestern Community College
91*             Kolton Manning                           Iowa Central Community College
91*             Easton Ressler                              Southwestern Community College
91*            Daniel McCammant                    Iowa Central Community College
91*             Brandon Dvorsky                        Southwestern Community College
90              Joshua Raymond                          Iowa Central Community College
89              Jesse Schwickerath                       Northeast Iowa Community College
87              Harold Northup                          Southeastern Community College
86              Dylan Schepers                            Iowa Central Community College

*order determined by shoot-off


Squad Trap

Score         Squad                                           School

439            Iowa Central 1                            Iowa Central Community College

96              Jacob Schwenker
86              Dylan Schepers
91              Kolton Manning
83              Lance Miller
83              Zachary Klimesh

428            SWCC Blue                                  Southwest Community College

91              Brandon Dvorsky
83              Trenton Cheers
92              Heath Evans
91              Easton Ressler
71              Cody Bruggemeyer


421            Iowa Central 3                            Iowa Central Community College

85              Seth Heinold
83              Grant Helle
87              Jessica Gunderson
91              Daniel McCammant
75              Stephen Shannon