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Wastewater released near Carter Lake

  • 9/1/2022 11:10:00 AM
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CARTER LAKE, IOWA – Authorities advise that people and pets should avoid a stormwater retention pond area between Shoreline Golf Course and Lakeside Estates Trailer Home Park in Carter Lake due to a sewage spill.

A privately owned wastewater lift station at the trailer home park has been overflowing for an unknown amount of time due to pump failures. Sewage flowed onto the ground and a concrete pathway designed to drain stormwater from the trailer park to a city owned stormwater retention pond.

Although the retention pond is designed to drain onto the Shoreline Golf Course grounds and then into Carter Lake, sewage appears to be contained in the city storm water pond at this time. DNR is sending water samples for laboratory testing. DNR staff will monitor cleanup and containment. The DNR will consider appropriate enforcement action.

Lakeside Estates has been advised to berm the concrete pathway to ensure further sewage does not enter the pond, to excavate contaminated soil and place lime along the concrete pathway. 

According to trailer park staff, new pumps for the lift station will be installed next week.   

On Aug. 30, the DNR received an anonymous complaint alleging sewage overflowing the trailer park. DNR Staff conducted an investigation the next morning. 

Contact the DNR’s Kevin Moler at 712-250-0285 for more information.