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Water Testing and Maintenance Resources Available for Private Well Owners

  • 1/14/2016 7:51:00 AM
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With about 282,000 Iowans relying on private wells for their drinking water supply, understanding local conditions, keeping up regular maintenance needs and conducting annual water testing is important for private well users. To assist, the DNR offers online resources for Iowans who depend on private wells. 

Available at, a new series of fact sheets outlines resources on maintaining a private well, how to conduct regular water sampling and how to interpret water test results. It also addresses special concerns and approaches for people living in northeast Iowa’s karst landscape, which can present unique challenges for private wells. 

National and local public health agencies recommend that all private well users, regardless of location, should test the quality of their well water at least once a year.  More frequent testing should be done if any prior test has indicated the well has a water quality problem. 

Free well water testing may be available locally. To find out more about water testing, visit