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Fishing regulations relaxed at West Swan Lake in Emmet County

  • 4/19/2022 11:57:00 AM
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ESTHERVILLE - The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has relaxed the fishing regulations at West Swan Lake in Emmet County to allow anglers to more freely harvest fish before the lake is renovated to eliminate an overabundant population of bullhead and common carp, and restore water quality and habitat.

DNR fisheries crews removed some adult perch from the lake and stocked them into recently renovated Trumbull Lake, Elk Lake, Little Swan Lake and Diamond Lake.

Anglers with a valid sport fishing license may harvest all sizes and unlimited quantities of any species of fish from West Swan Lake by any means except by use of dynamite, poison, electroshocking devices, or any stupefying substances.

It is illegal to sell fish or stock captured fish into public waters.

The water level will be lowered in early summer to prepare for the renovation project. The DNR will restock the lake after restoration efforts are completed and the lake has refilled.