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DNR responds to complaints about Little Beaver Creek in Polk County

  • 9/29/2021 7:22:00 AM
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GRIMES—DNR responded to complaints of odor and discolored water in Little Beaver Creek today.

DNR staff traced the milky-gray water to discharges from the city of Grimes’ wastewater treatment plant where inadequately treated wastewater and low streamflow caused stagnant conditions. Poor quality water in the creek extends downstream from the wastewater plant to just east of Highway 141. Investigators did not see any fish, living or dead.

Work with the city has been ongoing, as DNR’s central Iowa field office has required the city to comply with wastewater requirements. Eventually, the city plans to connect to the Des Moines Waste Reclamation Authority where the wastewater can be adequately treated. However, that process will take time.

The city engineer and plant operation staff are working with DNR on possible interim solutions to improve the treatment process.

Residents should keep children and pets away from the stream until conditions improve.

The DNR will pursue appropriate enforcement actions.