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Iowa offers She Goes Outdoors subscription boxes

  • 8/4/2020 11:42:00 AM
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A project between natural resources agencies in Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas, Becoming an Outdoors Women, and Women in the Outdoors have created an opportunity for ladies to purchase outdoor subscription boxes.

These boxes will highlight the necessary skills and tools to participate in a particular outdoor activity. With fall approaching, the first box will focus on pheasant hunting.

Each pheasant hunting box will contain game shears, a fillet knife, a blaze orange hat, shotgun cleaning kit, and pheasant recipes. Orders being accepted through August 14. Go to to order.

“The items in the box will then be accompanied with a learning objective. Special online webinars will be held for the subscribers, to learn how to use the tools in their box and they will be provided with a pocket guide to take into the field for future use,” said Megan Wisecup, hunter education administrator for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Boxes will feature a new outdoor skill to learn, approximately each quarter.

“If all goes well, we hope these boxes will help ladies in learning a new outdoor skill, even if we can’t get together for formal in-person events. Even further down the road, we hope these subscribers will purchase licenses, join outdoor groups and attend future events, when the conditions are available,” Wisecup said.

Future box topics include bird watching, outdoor cooking, pollinators, fishing and more. Other resources promoting women in the outdoors is She Goes Outdoors webpage ( and its podcast, available on iTunes or SoundCloud.