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Lee County Manure Release

  • 7/9/2019 9:43:00 AM
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KEOKUK - Sunday afternoon, DNR investigated a report of an unnamed creek running black near Mississippi River Road about 4 miles north of Keokuk.

The complainants believed the water color was due to an oil pipeline release and contacted pipeline officials. However, officials ruled that out.

DNR staff traced the release to an overflowing building at the Roland Weirather small hog facility. To stop the release, Weirather needs to pump and land apply contaminated water. DNR also told him to dam the creek, flush it with clean water and land apply.

DNR field tests showed elevated ammonia levels. Water samples from the site and near the Mississippi River are being sent for laboratory testing. There was no sign of a fish kill in the small creek.

DNR will continue to monitor the site and consider appropriate enforcement action.