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Manure release west of Winterset ended

  • 1/17/2019 1:46:00 PM
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WINTERSET - An ongoing manure release discovered Jan. 9 four miles west of Winterset ended over the Jan. 12 to 13 weekend.

The site owners, Waldo Farms of Nebraska, pumped out and land applied manure from a closed hog confinement.

Initially DNR staff found a release from an active hog confinement at the same site, but manure was not reaching a nearby tributary of Cedar Creek. During the investigation, however, they discovered high ammonia levels in the creek below the confinement, eventually tracing it to a small ongoing release from the closed facility.

DNR monitored the cleanup, visiting the site on Jan. 11 and 14. Field tests showed elevated ammonia levels in the tributary, but there was no sign of a fish kill or other adverse impacts to the tributary.

DNR will continue to monitor the cleanup and consider appropriate enforcement action.