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Hunter, dog rescued after kayak capsized

  • 10/25/2018 8:21:00 AM
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JACKSON COUNTY, Iowa – On October 20, around 9:00 a.m., the Sabula Fire and Rescue were dispatched to Browns Lake near Green Island Wildlife Management Area for a hunter in the water holding onto a capsized kayak.

An Iowa DNR Conservation Officer already on the water patrolling responded to the area immediately, as well as another DNR Conservation Officer utilizing a mud boat and a DNR Wildlife Technician in the area.

DNR officers and first responders dealt with major challenges during the rescue operation due to the extremely windy conditions and high waves.

The hunter, identified as Jared Porter of Madison, Wisconsin, was eventually located in a flooded timber area holding onto a tree. A DNR Conservation Officer, along with the Sabula Fire Department were able to rescue the hunter and his dog from the water and bring them to shore.

Porter was transported to a local hospital and released; his dog didn’t require any medical attention.

When officers later talked with Porter explained he was trying to locate a place to hunt but was unable to due to the higher than normal water levels and when he left for the hunt in the morning, there were no winds and the water was very calm. Porter said his kayak capsized while he was on his way back and got out onto the open waters and hit a large wave about 50 yards away.

Porter was able to remain on his cell phone with dispatch the entire time because of his water proof cell phone case.