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Missouri and Big Sioux Rivers paddlefish fishing season opens March 1

  • 2/14/2017 12:36:00 PM
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The paddlefish fishing season opens March 1 on the Missouri and Big Sioux rivers and runs through April 15 (sunrise to sunset). Anglers fishing for paddlefish must have a valid Iowa fishing license, along with a special paddlefish license and unused transportation tag.

If you catch a jaw-tagged fish (numbered band in the lower jaw), please call the phone number on the tag and report the tag number, date of capture, capture location and eye-to-fork length. The Iowa DNR and other state fisheries agencies tag paddlefish to better understand and manage populations. Tagging provides valuable information to estimate population size, fish movement and growth.

Please return the survey card following the paddlefish season whether a fish was harvested or not. The information collected will help the Iowa DNR evaluate the success of the season and determine what potential changes/modifications may be needed.

For more information about Iowa’s special paddlefish season, visit the DNR website at