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Executive Order 10 (EO10)

Executive Order 10 (EO10) signed by the Governor on January 10, 2023, requires all state agencies to identify which administrative rule chapters will be retained or rescinded. The EO10 process for both the review of existing rule chapters and the reauthorization of rule chapters that will be retained includes public engagement with the opportunity for meaningful input throughout the process.

561 - Director's Rules

561 Chapter 2 - Draft [PDF] contains the Department's rules for open records. This chapter builds upon the applicable Uniform Model Rule chapter on records. This rule has been reduced and simplified consistent with EO10. Please submit any comments you have to Tamara McIntosh at by close of business Friday, July 19.

561 Chapter 7 - Draft [PDF] contains the Department's rules for contested cases. This chapter is based on the Uniform Model Rules for contested cases. This chapter has been carefully reduced and simplified consistent with EO10. Specifically, outdated provisions and addresses have been removed, and procedures recognizing DIAL's new e-filing system have been added. Please submit any comments you have to Tamara McIntosh at by close of business Tuesday, July 23.

561 Chapter 10 - Draft [PDF] contains the Department's rules for issuing rule waivers, consistent with Iowa Code chapter 17A. This rule has been reduced and simplified consistent with EO10, primarily by removing redundant statutory language. Please submit any comments you have to Tamara McIntosh at by close of business Tuesday, July 23.

561 Chapter 15 - Draft [PDF] contains the Department's rules for revoking, suspending, and not renewing licenses for failure to pay state debts. This chapter has been reduced and simplified consistent with EO10, primarily by removing redundant statutory language. Please submit any comments you have to Tamara McIntosh at by close of business Tuesday, July 23.

561 Chapter 8 - Draft [PDF] contains the Department's rules for contracts for services and public improvements. This rule has been reduced and simplified consistent with EO10, and bidding thresholds have been updated to reflect increases recently made by the Department of Administrative Services to account for inflation. Please submit any comments you have to Anne Preziosi at by close of business Wednesday, July 17.

Water Quality Draft Rules

Water Quality Bureau staff continue to review current water quality rules and develop proposed changes to implement EO10. Please stay tuned for upcoming stakeholder input opportunities and availability of materials for review, including a Water Quality Rule Review Tracking Sheet.

Meeting invitations and materials will be posted on this webpage and announced through the Water Quality Bureau electronic newsletters. Please use the links below to sign up for one or more of the newsletters.

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Current and Proposed WQB Rules Grouped by Topic

The Water Quality Bureau currently manages 31 rule chapters, all of which are in the Environmental Protection Commision 567 of the Iowa Administrative Code (IAC). For ease of review, the Bureau’s chapters have been placed into nine groups by topic. Each group and its corresponding chapters are listed below. To view the current and proposed rule documents, EO10 materials, and staff contacts for each group, please use the links below.

Short Summary: Group 1 contains Chapter 9, which is the department’s delegation of construction permitting authority to Local Systems. The intended benefit of the rule was to provide a framework for the water supply and wastewater extension delegated authority program in Iowa Code 455B.183. However, in practice, the rule effectively mirrored the Code. Since there is no reason to have that language in two places, we are proposing to rescind this chapter.

Proposed Timeline: We anticipate hosting a public hearing and accepting comments regarding Chapter 9 in September. Comments will be reviewed in October and November, and a Notice of Intended Action to rescind Chapter 9 will be presented to the Environmental Protection Commission in December of 2023.

Chapter 9, Delegation of Construction Permitting Authority:

Administrative Rules, Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Pursuant to Executive Order 10, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources will be reviewing its existing Administrative Rules in accordance with the schedule below. More information about Executive Order 10 is available on the Department of Management’s website.

PHASE 1 571 – Natural Resource Commission

571 – Natural Resource Commission
571-1 Operation of Natural Resource Commission
571-10 Forfeited Property
571-12 Conservation Education
571-13 Permits and Easements for Construction and Related Activities on Public Lands and Waters
571-14 Concessions
571-15 General License Regulations
571-16 Docks and Other Structures on Public Waters
571-17 Barge Fleeting Regulations
571-18 Rental Fee Schedule For State-Owned Property, Riverbed, Lakebed, and Waterfront Lands
571-19 Sand and Gravel Permits
571-20 Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin
571-21 Agricultural Lease Program
571-22 Wildlife Habitat on Private Lands Promotion Program and Habitat and Public Access Program
571-23 Wildlife Habitat Promotion With Local Entities Program
571-24 Blufflands Protection Program and revolving Loan Fund
571-25 Certification of Land as Native Prairie or Wildlife Habitat
571-26 Relocation Assistance
571-27 Lands and Waters Conservation Fund Program
571-28 All-Terrain vehicle Registration Revenue Cost-Share Program
571-29 Local Recreation Infrastructure Grants Program
571-30 Waters Cost-Share and Grant Programs
571-31 Publicly Owned Lakes Program
571-32 Publicly Open Space Lands
571-33 Resource Enhancement and Protection Program: County, City and Private Open Space Grant Programs
571-34 Community Forestry Grant Program (CFGP)
571-35 Fish Habitat Promotion for County Conservation Boards
571-61 Parks
571-91 Waterfowl and Coot Hunting Seasons
571-94 Nonresident Deer Hunting
571-106 Deer Hunting by Residents
567 – Environmental Protection Commission
567-1 Operation of Environmental Protection Commission
567-3 Submission of Information and Complaints-Investigations
567-9 Delegation of Construction Permitting Authority
567-10 Administrative Penalties
567-11 Tax Certification of Pollution Control or Recycling Property
567-12 Environmental Self Audits
567-14 Environmental Covenants
567-15 Cross-media Electronic Reporting
567-16 Revocation, Suspension, and Nonrenewal of License for Failure to Pay State Liabilities
567-17 Compliance and Enforcement Procedures
567-20 Scope of Title-Definitions
567-21 Compliance
567-22 Controlling Pollution
567-23 Emission Standards for Contaminants
567-24 Excess Emission
567-25 Measurement of Emissions
567-26 Prevention of Air Pollution Emergency Episodes
567-27 Certificate of Acceptance
567-28 Ambient Air Quality Standards
567-29 Qualification in Visual Determination of the Opacity of Emissions
567-30 Fees
567-31 Nonattainment Areas
567-32 Animal Feeding Operations Field Study
567-33 Special Regulation and Construction Permit Requirements for Major Stationary Sources-Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) of Air Quality
567-34 Provisions for Air Quality Emissions Trading Programs
567-35 Air Emissions Reduction Assistance Program
567-65 Animal Feeding Operations

567 – Environmental Protection Commission

571 – Natural Resource Commission
571-36 Green Valley Lake Special Water Activity Rules
571-37 Boating Safety Equipment
571-38 Boat Registration and Numbering
571-39 Boating Passenger Capacity
571-40 Boating Speed and Distance Zoning
571-41 Boating Navigation Aids
571-42 Boating Accident Reports
571-43 Motorboat Noise
571-44 Special Events and Fireworks Displays
571-45 Boat Motor Regulations
571-46 All-Terrain Vehicles, Off-Road Motorcycles and Off-Road Utility Vehicles
571-47 Snowmobiles
571-48 Inspection of Permanently Moored Vessels
571-49 Operation of Motor Vehicles in Meandered Streams, Navigable Streams, and Trout Streams
571-50 All-Terrain Vehicle, Off-Road Motorcylcle, Off-Road Utility Vehicle, Snowmobile and Vessel Bonding
571-51 Game Management Areas
571-52 Wildlife Refuges
571-54 Restrictions on Introduction and Removal of Plant Life
571-55 Nonpermanent Structures
571-56 Shooting Sports Program Grants
571-63 Keg Beer Rules
571-64 Metal Detectors Use in State Areas
571-66 Saylorville Multiuse Trail
571-67 Development and Management of Recreation Trails on State Forests, Parks, Preserves and Recreation Areas
571-72 Timber Buyers
571-73 Forest and Fruit-Tree Reservations
571-74 Forest Land Enhancement Program
567 – Environmental Protection Commission
567-38 Private Water Well Construction Permits
567-39 Requirements for Properly Plugging Abandoned Wells
567-40 Scope of Division-Definitions-Forms-Rules of Practice
567-41 Water Supplies
567-42 Public Notification, Public Education, Consumer Confidence Reports, Reporting, and Record Maintenance
567-43 Water Supplies-Design and Operation
567-44 Drinking Water State Revolving Fund
567-49 Nonpublic Water Supply Wells
567-50 Scope of Division-Definitions-Forms-Rules of Practice
567-51 Water Permit or Registration-When Required
567-52 Criteria and Conditions for Authorizing Withdrawal, Diversion and Storage of Water
567-53 Protected Water Sources-Purposes-Designation Procedures-Information in Withdrawal Applications-Limitations-List of Protected Sources
567-54 Criteria and Conditions for Permit Restrictions or Compensation by Permitted Users to Nonregulated Users Due to Well Interference
567-55 Aquifer Storage and Recovery: Criteria and Conditions for Authorizing Storage, Recover, and Use of Water
567-60 Scope of Title-Definitions-Forms-Rules of Practice
567-61 Water Quality Standards
567-62 Effluent and Pretreatment Standards: Other Effluent Limitations or Prohibitions
567-63 Monitoring, Analytical and Reporting Requirements
567-64 Wastewater Construction and Operation Permits
567-66 Pesticide Application to Waters
567-67 Standards for the Land Application of Sewage Sludge
567-68 Commercial Septic Tank Cleaners
567-69 Private Sewage Disposal Systems
567-70 Scope of Title-Definitions-Forms-Rules of Practice
567-71 Floodplain or Floodway Development-When Approval is Required
567-72 Criteria for Approval
567-73 Approval, Construction, use, Maintenance, Removal, Inspections, and Safety of Dams
567-75 Management of Specific Flood Plain Areas
567-76 Federal Water Resource Projects
567-81 Operator Certification: Public Water Supply Systems and Wastewater Treatment Systems
567-82 Well Contractor Certification
567-83 Laboratory Certification
567-90 Scope of Title-Definitions--Forms
567-91 Criteria for Rating and ranking Projects for the Water Pollution Control State Revolving Fund
567-92 Clean Water State Revolving Fund
567-93 Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Set-Aside Programs
561 - Natural Resources Department
561-1 DNR organization
561-2 Open Records
561-3 Submission of Complaints & Investigations
561-4 Rulemaking
561-5 Petitions for rulemaking
561-6 Declaratory Orders
561-7 Contested Cases
561-8 Contracts
561-9 Groundwater Hazard Documentation
561-10 Waivers
561-11 Nature Store
561-12 Special NR Deer & Turkey (Governor Tags)
561-13 State Lands Volunteer Program
561-14 Concessions
561-15 Child Support revocation
561-16 Dynamic Pricing
561-17 Oil, Gas, and Metallic Minerals

PHASE 4 575 – State Preserves Advisory Board

575 – State Preserves Advisory Board
575-1 Organization and operation
575-2 Management of state preserves
575-3 Public records and fair information practices

PHASE 3 571 - Natural Resource Commission

571 – Natural Resource Commission
571-2 Public Records and Fair Information Practices
571-3 Submission of information and complaints – investigations
571-4 Agency procedure for rule making
571-5 Petitions for rule making
571-6 Declaratory rulings
571-7 Rules of practice in contested cases
571-8 Contracts for public improvements and professional services
571-11 Waivers or variances from administrative rules
571-76 Unprotected nongame
571-77 Engendered and threatened plan and animal species
571-78 Ginseng harvesting and sale
571-79 Fish stocking procedures and fees for private waters
571-80 Salvage fish and game
571-81 Fishing regulations
571-82 Commercial fishing
571-83 Scuba and skin spearing of rough fish
571-84 Promiscuous fishing
571-86 Turtles
571-87 Mussel Regulations
571-89 Aquaculture
571-90 Aquatic invasive species
571-92 Migratory game birds
571-93 Commercial use of captive-reared waterfowl
571-95 Game harvest reporting and landowner-tenant registration
571-96 Pheasant, Quail and Gray (Hungarian) Partridge hunting seasons
571-97 Common snip, Virginia Rail and Sora, Woodcock, Ruffed Grouse, and Dove hunting seasons
571-98 Wild Turkey spring hunting
571-99 Wild turkey fall hunting
571-100 Crow and Pigeon regulations
571-101 Falconry regulations
571-102 Falconry regulations for hunting game
571-103 Mobile radio transmitters
571-104 Wildlife importation, transportation, and disease monitoring
571-105 Deer population management plan
571-107 Rabbit and squirrel hunting
571-108 Mink, muskrat, raccoon, badger, opossum, weasel, striped skunk, fox (red and gray), beaver, coyote, river otter, bobcat, gray (timber) wolf and spotted skunk seasons
571-109 Groundhog season
571-110 Trapping limitations
571-111 Scientific collecting and wildlife rehabilitation
571-112 Hunting preserves
571-113 Restitution for pollution causing injury to wild animals
571-114 Nuisance wildlife control
571-115 Whitetail hunting preserves
571-116 Help Us Stop Hunger program administration
567 – Environmental Protection Commission
567-2 Public Records and Fair Information Practices
567-4 Agency Procedure for Rule Making
567-5 Petitions for Rule Making
567-6 Declaratory Orders
567-7 Rules of Practice in Contested Cases
567-8 Contracts for Public Improvements and Professional Services
567-13 Waivers or Variances From Administrative Rules
567-100 Scope of title – definitions -forms – rules of practice (Solid Waste)
567-101 Solid waste comprehensive planning requirements
567-102 Permits
567-103 Sanitary landfills: coal combustion residue
567-104 Sanitary disposal projects with processing facilities
567-105 Organic materials composting facilities
567-106 Citizen convenience centers and transfer stations
567-107 Beverage container deposits
567-108 Beneficial use determinations: solid by-products as resources and alternative cover material
567-109 Solid waste authorizations
567-111 Annual reports of solid waste environmental management systems
567-113 Sanitary landfills for municipal solid waste: groundwater protection systems for the disposal of non-hazardous wastes
567-114 Sanitary landfills: construction and demolition wastes
567-115 Sanitary landfills: industrial monofills
567-116 Registration of waste tire haulers
567-117 Waste tire management
567-118 Discarded appliance de-manufacturing
567-119 Used oils and used oil filters
567-120 Landfarming of petroleum contaminated soil
567-121 Land application of wastes
567-122 Cathode Ray tube recycling
567-123 Regional collection centers and satellite facilities
567-131 Notification of hazardous conditions
567-133 Rules for determining cleanup actions and responsible parties
567-134 Underground storage tank licensing and certification programs
567-135 Technical standards and corrective actin requirement for owners and operators of underground storage tanks
567-136 Financial responsibility for underground storage tanks
567-137 Iowa land recycling program and response action standards
567-145 Household batteries
567-149 Fees for transportation, treatment, and disposal of hazardous waste
567-152 Criteria for siting low-level radioactive waste disposal facilities
567-209 Landfill alternatives financial assistance programs
567-211 Financial assistance for the management of household hazardous materials and hazardous waste from very small quantity generators
567-213 Packaging – heavy metal content

For additional information:

General Counsel, Tamara McIntosh
Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Wallace State Office Building, Des Moines, IA 50319
515-725-8202 (fax)