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REAP Grants

Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) is a State of Iowa program that invests in, as its name implies, the enhancement and protection of the state's natural and cultural resources. Iowa is blessed with a diverse array of natural and cultural resources, and REAP is likewise diverse and far reaching.

REAP provides money for projects in the form of grants. A summary of grant opportunities are listed below.  Please view the links for more information.

City Parks and Open Space
This money is available to cities through competitive grants. Parkland expansion and multi-purpose recreation developments are typical projects funded under this REAP program. The DNR administers the city grant program. Get more information about City Parks and Open Space grants.

County Conservation
This money is available to counties, only if they are dedicating at least 22¢ per $1,000 of the assessed value of taxable property in the county for county conservation purposes, through competitive grants. This money is available to counties for land easements or acquisition, capital improvements, stabilization and protection of resources, and environmental education, etc.  The DNR administers the county conservation grant program. Get more information about County Conservation grants.

Private/Public Open Space Acquisition
This money is available for cost-share land acquisitions with private organizations. The cost-share arrangement entails 75% of the acquisition costs coming from REAP and the other 25% coming from private contributions. The DNR owns and manages the property that is jointly purchased. The DNR administers the private/public open space acquisition program. Get more information about Private/Public Open Space grants.

Conservation Education Program (CEP)
This money is available to grantees for programs that teach people of all ages about their environment and how to make intelligent, informed decisions about its well-being. $350,000 is available for this program.  The DNR administers the conservation education program. Get more information about CEP grants.

Historical Resource Development Program
Grants are available to private individuals and businesses, as well as to non-profit organizations and agencies of Certified Local Governments. Grants under this program support a wide variety of projects that fall under three basic categories: (1) historic preservation; (2) library and archives; and (3) museums. This program has proven to be very popular throughout Iowa and truly demonstrates the diversity of REAP.  The State Historical Society in the Department of Cultural Affairs administers this program. Get more information about Historical grants.

Roadside Vegetation
This money is available for state, county, and city management of roadside vegetation. The establishment of attractive gateways into cities is also becoming a popular use for this money. Demonstration and research projects are typically funded under this program in an effort to learn and share news approaches to vegetation management. The purchase of specialized equipment and seed to carry out management practices is also a part of this program. The Department of Transportation administers this program. Get more information about Roadside Vegetation grants.

Soil and Water Enhancement

These funds are available to landowners for soil and water conservation and enhancement projects and practices. Project money is directed towards protecting the state's surface and ground water resources from point and non-point sources of contamination. Practices money is directed towards reforestation, woodland protection and enhancement, wildlife habitat preservation and enhancement, protection of highly erodible soils, and water quality protection. The Division of Soil Conservation in the Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship administers this program. Get more information about Soil and Water Enhancement grants.