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6 best bass baits and lures for summer

  • 7/8/2016 1:53:00 PM
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Crankbaits are one of the top ways to catch bass in the summer | Iowa DNRWhen it comes to gamefish, not many have captivated the gaze of avid anglers like the bass. No matter when, where, or what you’re fishing in, consider using these foolproof baits to attract bass of all types.


In the early summer, crayfish are abundant in Iowa lakes and rivers. You can take advantage of the bass’ natural feeding patterns with seasonal treats like crayfish. If you have access to live crayfish, you’ll have no shortage of attention.


As the summer progresses, crayfish numbers are depleted, and much of a bass’ diet consists of smaller fish, so minnows will naturally seduce most types of bass. The key is to hook the minnow along its back so when it is reeled in, it will mimic the movements of a live minnow.


Crankbaits are notorious for fooling bass by imitating their natural prey. These lures come in a variety of colors to emulate a variety of creatures. It’s important you select a color that corresponds to the area’s most dominant forage.

Plastic Worms

Another bait that has proven to be effective in a wide range of conditions is the plastic worm. They have remained a staple of the bass angler’s arsenal for years, and are probably responsible for more bass than any other lure.

Minnows and jigs are a great way to catch bass in the summer | Iowa DNRAction Worms

In this category, worms are designed to wriggle energetically when reeled in steadily. Bass can sense the disturbance this makes in the water before they even see the lure, making it specifically potent in waters with low visibility.

Finesse Worms

These worms lack tails and appendages, so they may require more work by the angler to give them life. However, these types are especially helpful in clear water, due to their close resemblance to a real worm.


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