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5 Awesome Tips for Spring Panfish Fishing

  • 5/1/2015 8:54:00 AM
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5 awesome tips for spring panfish angling | Iowa DNRCrappies and bluegills are biting in small ponds and lakes across Iowa. Spring panfish fishing is a great opportunity to introduce beginners of all ages to fishing. Panfish can be caught easily and are excellent to eat. Grab your fishing pole and tackle box and try these simple tips for a fun and successful spring fishing season.

Start Small Smaller lakes and ponds warm up sooner in the spring, so start here.

Keep it light. Use light line (2- or 4-pound test), light lures and light reels.

Fish close to structure like brush piles and stumps. Downloadable fishing structure location maps are available on the DNR’s Where to Fish website. Use these maps to pinpoint panfish hotspots.  

Keep your lure/bait properly sized for the species you are seeking. Use small tube jigs or twister tails (1/32nd or 1/64th ounce) suspended 24 inches under a small bobber. Weighted bobbers will help you cast further. Pencil bobbers stand up making them more visible. 

Fish the side of the pond where the wind is blowing in. Warmer water piles on the side of lake where the wind blows in. Just a little warmer water may be all it takes to attract fish.

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