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Six Iowa Fish that Put Up the Biggest Fight

  • 6/23/2015 11:27:00 AM
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Up for a challenge? Here are 6 Iowa fish that put up a big fight! | Iowa DNRLooking for a challenge? Try catching one of these Iowa fish that are ready to battle. 

Smallmouth bass - this aggressive, scrappy-fighting, aerial acrobat is the hardest fighting freshwater fish (pound per pound); found in free-flowing sections of streams and rivers, many anglers need to travel only a short distance for a chance to fish for this fierce fighter.

Bluegillounce to ounce, these quick to bite, slab-sided sunfish are the strongest fighters; they may be small, but they are mighty; they often turn sidewise when you hook them so you are pulling them in with their greatest surface area trying to come sideways through the water.

Flathead Catfish – these "big-water" fish grow to enormous size and put up a powerful fight; you are usually fighting the fish along with the current in a river.

Hybrid striped bass (wiper) –a cross between a female striped bass and male white bass, they can attain weights over twenty pounds; these strong swimmers are explosive fighters when hooked.

White bass - these fast growing predators are incredible fighters; they are aggressive strong swimmers abundant throughout the Mississippi River and in the lower reaches of its main tributary streams.

Common Carp – these large minnows often weigh up to 50 pounds or more and put up a long, strong fight when hooked; you are usually fighting the fish along with the current.

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