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Snowmobile Education Instructors

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  Snowmobile Education Instructors    

The DNR Snowmobile Education Program is a classroom-based course taught by certified volunteers. In order to become a volunteer instructor, an applicant must have strong riding skills and subject-matter knowledge, the ability to effectively communicate verbally with others, submit to criminal and conservation violation background checks, and complete an Instructor Academy Training Session. In order to become a DNR-certified Snowmobile Volunteer Education Instructor, the candidate must complete three components of training. These are possess or earn a snowmobile education certificate from the DNR, complete an Instructor Academy Workshop, and apprentice with a DNR-certified Snowmobile Volunteer Education Instructor. The DNR will provide the candidates with all of the materials needed to teach a course, which will include: • Student Manual which contains course curriculum • Instructor Policies and Procedures Manual • Student and Instructor Rosters • Student exam and answer key • Training on how to select a location for teaching a course • Training on how to set up a course and register students We strongly encourage our Snowmobile Volunteer Education Instructors to teach with another certified instructor. If possible, taking the Instructor Academy Training Session together will give the instructors a chance to start planning their teaching strategies from the beginning. Instructor Academies are held in the fall at a variety of locations. Training is designed to familiarize candidates with the Administrative Rules which apply to the program, paperwork requirements, teaching techniques, the DNR’s expectations of volunteer education instructors, and to guide candidates individually through the steps that are needed to complete their training. Teaching experience is not required. We find that those who have a passion for the sport of motorized recreation and snowmobiling in particular have a natural ability to connect with their students. This course is designed for a student who is between the ages of 11 and 17, but we encourage riders of any age to take this course. Special consideration must be given to students younger than 10 due to the maturity level of the curriculum. The DNR does not advocate letting young students take the course at the same time as more mature students. Each student who takes the DNR Snowmobile Education Course must pay a $5 fee. This fee is collected to offset the administrative cost of processing education certificates. All DNR education instructors are volunteers and are not financially compensated for their time in planning or teaching a course. For more information, please contact the Snowmobile Education Coordinator via webmaster@dnr.iowa.gov. or 515-281-3208.


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