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Furharvester Education Instructors

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  Fur Harvester Education Instructors & Workshops    

Thank you for your consideration and time commitment to become a Fur Harvester Education volunteer instructor. The Iowa Fur Harvester Education course was developed in 1979 in cooperation with members of the Iowa Chapters of Fur Takers of America Inc., Iowa State Coonhunters Association Inc., the Iowa Trapperís Association and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. The course is not required by Iowa law in order to purchase a fur harvester license. It is highly recommended that everyone interested in this program also become student certified through the Departmentís Hunter Education program and attend a standard first-aid course. Course instruction includes the topics of knowledge of furbearers, fur harvester ethics and responsibilities, pelt preparation, laws, wildlife management, survival and first-aid. Our Fur Harvester Education Instructors take pride in providing high quality education to the students. Students that successfully complete this course are not expected to be expert fur harvesters, but are expected to have a better understanding of the responsibilities that go with fur harvesting. With your dedicated assistance more students could become fur harvester education certified, find their enjoyment for the activity enhanced and perhaps some day pass the tradition of fur harvesting onward. * Fur Harvester Instructor Workshops are held on a need basis. Classroom materials may be provided to instructors upon request by contacting the main office 30 days in advance. Additional instructional aids are available in each district by contacting the local CO or RSO. Instructional aids available may vary slightly from district to district but typically include: trapping flip chart from Woods Stream, trap samples, display box of pelts and videos on Survival, Trapping and Predator Calling. Once again, thank you for your consideration and time commitment to the Iowa Fur Harvester Education program. Yours for Safe and Ethical Hunting, The Recreational Safety Officer Unit


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