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Bowhunter Education Instructors

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  Bow Hunter Education Instructors    

Thank you for your interest in the Iowa Bow Hunter Education Program and your commitment to the future of bow hunting. Our Department recognizes that your time is your most valuable commodity. We are certain that you will find that giving of your time to teach Bow Hunter Education will be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. The Iowa bow hunter education program will provide bowhunters with fundamentals of good, safe bowhunting and instill responsible attitudes that will assist them to adopt and follow an acceptable behavior toward people, wildlife and the environment. Our Volunteers take pride in being high quality, dedicated instructors in a successful program that directly benefits a sport they cherish and enjoy. They must maintain a very high ethical standard in the hunting field and in the classroom to be role models and mentors to hunters of all ages. Being a good role model includes protecting the integrity of the program. Hundreds of dedicated Volunteers have given of themselves to keep hunting a safe and ethical outdoor activity. As you proceed on in the certification process you are required to accomplish the following, not in any particular order: Attend a Bow Hunter Education Class to acquire your student certification, if you have not already done so. Have been a bow hunter for a minimum of three years. Attend a New Bow Hunter Education Instructor Workshop presented by your local Recreational Safety Officer (RSO). These are scheduled on a need basis. Attend a Hunter Education Instructor Workshop presented by your local Recreational Safety Officer (RSO) Once these steps are completed it is your responsibility to notify your RSO as to the dates and locations where these steps were met. Thank you once again, for your commitment to the Iowa Bow Hunter Education Program. Time, expertise and dedication are all important keys in keeping hunting in Iowa the safe and long tradition it has become. Yours for Safe and Ethical Hunting, The Recreational Safety Officer Unit


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