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Water Level to Drop at Three Mile Lake Ahead of September Renovation

  • 8/23/2016 1:40:00 PM
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The Iowa Department of Natural Resources plans to begin de-watering Three-Mile Lake in Union County starting August 29, 2016, in preparation for the fish renovation planned for the third week in September. 

The fish renovation will eradicate the yellow bass and common carp that have contributed to the declining water quality and sportfish quality in the lake.  The DNR will begin restocking this fall after the renovation is complete.

The lake will be lowered up to 17 feet from normal pool for the fish renovation.  Users should expect low water levels during the Labor Day holiday weekend.  Access to some boat ramps may be limited due to the low water level. 

Boaters should use extreme caution as potential hazards such as tree stumps, cedar tree brushpiles, and underwater reefs may be at or near the water’s surface.