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Natural Resource Commission to Meet April 14 in Des Moines

  • 4/11/2016 6:11:00 AM
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Des Moines – The Natural Resource Commission (NRC) of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources will meet at 9:30 a.m., on April 14, in the fourth floor conference room, Wallace State Office Building, in Des Moines.

The meeting is open to the public.

Members of the NRC are Kim Francisco, Dennis Schemmel, Margo Underwood, Conrad Clement, Dr. Sally Prickett, Marcus Branstad and Phyllis Reimer.  The Director of the DNR is Chuck Gipp.

The following is the agenda for the April 14 meeting.

  •        Approve Agenda
  •        Consent Agenda*
    •        Contract with FDC Enterprises Inc. (IHAP)
    •        Contract with BDJ, Inc. (IHAP)
    •        Contract with Mark Jorgensen (IHAP)
    •        Contract with R&D Farms Inc. (IHAP)
    •        Contract with JoLayne Witt (IHAP)
    •        Contract with Steven R. Schmidt (IHAP)
    •        Contract with Cynthia Sproul (IHAP)
    •        Contract with LeSueur River Seeding and Conservation, LLC (A. Nelson) (IHAP)
    •        Contract with LeSueur River Seeding and Conservation, LLC (R. Hurley) (IHAP)
    •        Contract with Preferred Properties, Inc. (IHAP)
  •        Approve Minutes of March 10 Meeting
  •        Approve Minutes of March 30 Meeting
  •        Director, Division Administrator’s Remarks
  •        *Contract with FDC Enterprises Inc. (IHAP)
  •        *Contract with BDJ, Inc. (IHAP)
  •        *Contract with Mark Jorgensen (IHAP)
  •        *Contract with R&D Farms Inc. (IHAP)
  •        *Contract with JoLayne Witt (IHAP)
  •        *Contract with Steven R. Schmidt (IHAP)
  •        *Contract with Cynthia Sproul (IHAP)
  •        *Contract with LeSueur River Seeding and Conservation, LLC (A. Nelson) (IHAP)
  •        *Contract with LeSueur River Seeding and Conservation, LLC (R. Hurley) (IHAP)
  •        *Contract with Preferred Properties, Inc. (IHAP)
  •        Contract with E Resources Group
  •        Small Construction Projects
  •        Construction Projects
    •        Hawkeye Shooting Range Erosion Repair – Johnson County
    •        Wapsipinicon State Park Stream Bank Repairs – Jones County
    • Marble Beach Fish Cleaning Station Replacement – Dickinson County
    •        Lost Grove Lake Wildlife Management Area, PCC Road and Parking – Scott County
    •        Cedar Rock State Park, Boat House Terrace Rebuild – Buchanan County
  •        Public Land Acquisition Projects
    •        Lakeport Wildlife Management Area, Woodbury County – Etler
    •        Upper Iowa River Wildlife Management Area, Winneshiek County – Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation (INHF)
    •        Stephens State Forest, Lucas County – INHF
    •        Big Wall Lake Wildlife Management Area, Wright County – INHF
  •        Contract Amendment-1 with Iowa State University (Asian Carp Study)
  •        Contract with Lake Improvements Commission for Dredging at Storm Lake
  •        Donations
  •        Chapter 91, Waterfowl and Coot Hunting Seasons
  •        Honey Creek Resort State Park Update
  •         General Discussion
  •         Next Meeting, May 12, in Des Moines


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