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Did your Title V Responsible Official change?

  • 3/19/2024 10:42:00 AM
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Did your facility recently change your Title V Responsible Official? Is your Title V Responsible Official going to be unavailable to sign your facility certifications by the due date? If a change of your facility Title V Responsible Official is needed, you must submit a Title V modification application in Iowa EASY Air, the DNR’s electronic air permit application system. This step is required even if you list a new Responsible Official on your Title V Semi-annual Monitoring Report, Annual Compliance Certification, or Annual Emissions Inventory.

The first step is to set up an Iowa EASY Air user account for the new Title V Responsible Official, replacing the previous one. Once the Responsible Official’s account has been created, a Title V Application – Modification – Administrative Amendment should be created and submitted. DNR staff have developed a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document for Title V modifications to aid you.

If you have not already established an Iowa EASY Air account, view the short videos under the Iowa EASY Air Training tab on the eAirServices web page for a quick overview. You can also watch previously recorded training webinars to get more detailed information about using Iowa EASY Air. Account Registration Instructions for Responsible Officials are also posted on the eAirServices webpage.

Please note that as of January 1, 2023, all air construction and Title V operating permit applications, permit rescissions, and start of construction or start of operation notices are required to be submitted electronically using Iowa EASY Air.

DNR staff are available to assist you. For software or user account questions, contact, or Kevin Connolly at 515-725-9569 or Jessica Reese McIntyre at 515-725-9547. For questions on Title V applications, contact Jeremy Arndt at 515-725-9511 or Chris Kjellmark at 515-725-9537.