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DNR warns again of deteriorating ice conditions after another incident

  • 1/6/2020 6:47:00 AM
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LEHIGH, Iowa – The DNR is again reminding Iowans of deteriorating ice conditions after another extremely dangerous situation took place at Brushy Creek Lake on January 2, 2020.

The DNR reported that a man had fallen through the ice on Brushy Creek Lake approximately 50 yards from the north boat ramp. Fortunately, a nearby friend was able to push a sled to the man and pull him out of the water.

Although the ice may appear safe and thick enough for people to walk on, with the rollercoaster of temperatures lately, the ice conditions are deteriorating. With the freshly fallen snow from last yesterday, it is impossible to see the ice below.

Brushy Creek Lake is a popular spot for ice fishing and draws in anglers from all across the state, but officials warn anyone coming to the lake or any others across the state.

“It is very important that anyone stepping foot on an iced-over lake is taking every necessary precaution, is aware of the weather conditions and pays attention to all posted signs and flags,” said DNR Conservation Officer Bill Spece. “We want everyone that comes out here for a fun-filled day of memories to leave safely and make it back home alive.”

The DNR has many ice safety tips:

  • There is no such thing as 100% safe ice.
  • New ice is usually stronger than old ice. 
  • Ice fishing is a social activity, don’t go out alone. If the worst should happen, someone would be there to call for help or to rescue.
  • There could be pockets of thin ice or places where ice recently formed, so check ice thickness as you go out.
  • Avoid off-colored snow or ice. It is usually a sign of weakness.
  • The insulating effect of snow slows down the freezing process.
  • Safety items in the bucket: Ice picks, about 50 feet of rope and a throwable floatation seat cushion for use in case of rescue.