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Thinking about Building? Make sure you have water

  • 3/26/2018 10:05:00 AM
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During 2002 producers worried about having enough water because of drought. But having enough water for livestock and poultry is an everyday concern, especially if you are thinking about building or expanding an animal feeding operation. If construction is on your mind, the time to think about water supplies is now. Save headaches and money by verifying an adequate water source before you build.

Rural Water Systems

If you plan to use rural water, contact the rural water system to determine if the system has the capacity and infrastructure to provide sufficient water to the facility—even in a drought year. In some situations, a rural water system was not able to provide water to a facility at a specific location but could in another area of the system.


If your facility is planning to use a well or wells, consider the geology early in the planning process. In addition to determining if your well can supply sufficient water for your facility, you may need several permits:

All private wells require a construction permit from the county prior to construction.

If your facility will have 25 or more people present at least 60 days during the year, the facility may be a public water supply and need to apply for permits. For more information, call DNR’s Water Supply Operations at 515-725-0295.

Any facility that uses 25,000 or more gallons of water per day is required to have a water use permit

Please see the DNR’s Decision Tree to help you determine what, if any, permits you need for your water source.