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Waterfowl refuges closed to any access until duck seasons end

  • 12/2/2016 10:16:00 AM
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Iowa waterfowl refuges are closed to all access until the day after duck season closes. This year the duck season closes later than previous years and the later season dates may impact some deer hunters who have hunted the areas in the past. 

Iowa is divided into three waterfowl zones – the north zone, south zone and the Missouri River zone. Duck season closes on Dec. 4 in the north zone, Dec. 15 in the south zone, and Dec. 18 in the Missouri River zone. 

These waterfowl refuges are always closed to duck and goose hunting but hunters are allowed to hunt non-waterfowl species in waterfowl refuges after the duck season has closed. 

Hunters with questions should contact their local wildlife biologist or conservation officer. 
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