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Plant some school pride with this month's nursery packet

  • 11/1/2016 3:40:00 PM
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Everyone loves a friendly rivalry, especially when it comes to our three major universities – Iowa, Iowa State and Northern Iowa. This November, the DNR State Forest Nursery is challenging Iowans to plant some school spirit and promote conservation at the same time. 

For November only, the State Nursery is offering Hawk Fan, Cyclone Fan and Panther Fan specialty packets, each with 200 tree and shrub seedlings. The plants in the packet will reflect school colors and team spirit, either through name, fall color or fruit.

“As alumni and fans, we can’t really impact the outcome of football, basketball, wrestling or other competitions between our schools,” says State Forester Paul Tauke. “However, by purchasing and planting a Hawk, Cyclone or Panther ‘Fan Packet,’ we can improve Iowa’s environment and win conservation bragging rights for our school.”

Packets include:

Hawk Fan Packet

  • 100 black cherry – fruit is used to flavor rum and brandy, and turns black in the late fall. Leaves produce yellow to gold fall color.
  • 100 hackberry – yellow to gold fall color and fruit highly sought after by birds

Cyclone Fan Packet

  • 100 red oaks – durable trees with deep red fall canopies and acorns to feed wildlife
  • 100 northern pecan – yellow to gold fall color and edible nuts for people and wildlife

Panther Fan Packet

  • 100 aroniaberry – produces blackish purple berries late in the season, favored by birds. The nectar of this shrub attracts a variety of pollinators.
  • 100 hackberry – yellow to gold fall color and fruit highly sought after by birds

“When we announce next month’s promotion, we will also announce whose fans are putting the most wildlife habitat and conservation on the ground through our November ‘Fan Packets,’” says Tauke. “As an ISU grad, I’ll admit I’m rooting for the Cyclones.”

Each month, the State Forest Nursery creates a different specialty packet to offer a unique mix of tree and shrub species for that month only. To take advantage of this November offer, call the State Forest Nursery at 1-800-865-2477 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and mention your favorite “Fan Packet.” This month’s specialty packet is only available until November 30, 2016.  

Anyone can purchase seedlings from the Iowa State Forest Nursery for CRP projects, to increase wildlife habitat, pollinator potential or diversify backyard woodlands. More than 40 species are available from the nursery. Seedling choices, including photos and descriptions, can be seen in the seedling catalog at

To order this monthly special or other tree and shrub seedlings, contact the Iowa DNR State Forest Nursery at 1-800-865-2477.