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Enjoy Iowa State Parks Your Way!

Time spent outdoors and in Iowa state parks is a little different now, with events postponed and social distancing guidelines in place. But you can still enjoy much of what state parks have to offer on your own or in your own backyard. Take some time outdoors and learn more about Iowa state parks.

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Find Peace, Pick up a Piece!

When visiting state parks to exercise and find a little mental peace while social distancing, bring a trash bag and gloves with you to pick up a piece of trash! Many park volunteer events were cancelled this spring, so we appreciate your help picking up litter while you are visiting. Please take any trash home with you to dispose.

Also feel free to post photos of you lending a hand on social media with the hashtag #IowaDNR, #IowaStateParks or #IowaStateParks100.

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Coloring Pages


Iowa State University professor Paula Streeter, is an artist in the 20 Artists, 20 Parks program. She has created Iowa state park centennial coloring pages free to download!

Scavenger Hunt

Download and explore a state park or your own backyard with this nature-based scavenger hunt.

Geocaching Challenge

The DNR is partnering with the Iowa Geocachers Organization to host Bucky’s Challenge, an on-your-own geocaching contest, with a coin featuring the 100th anniversary logo as a prize.

Learn more!


Download these Kid-Friend Recipes and find more on the DNR's Dutch-Oven cooking recipe page.

  • Kids' Recipes
    Bread on a Stick, Butter in a Baby Food Jar, Fudge in a Ziploc Bag, Ice Cream in a Ziploc Bag, Bubbles, Eggshell Sidewalk Chalk

S'mores Nachos

  1. Layer the bottom of a pie pan with marshmallows. 
  2. Sprinkle chocolate chips and other candy over the marshmallows, such as your favorite candy bars. 
  3. Let marshmallows melt completely over the fire.
  4. Remove from heat and line sides of pan with split graham crackers (be sure to add graham crackers as last step so they don't burn). 
  5. Enjoy!

smore nachos

Iowa Outdoors

Iowa PBS State Park Videos Looking for your next TV show? 

Watch special editions of Iowa Outdoors featuring state parks. 

Also enjoy "Iowa by Air" and "Trail in a Minute" videos with one-of-a-kind views of state parks on Iowa PBS.

Iowa Wild Video Segments

Explore Iowa’s wild places with DNR Conservation Officer Erika Billerbeck and her family:

Wild Things: Introduction

Wild Things, Ep 1: Maps
Wild Things, Ep 2: Fossils
Wild Things, Ep 3: Mystery Animal
Wild Things, Ep 4: Frogs