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Pine Spring Creek

General Information

County: Winneshiek
Location: 6.5 miles north of Decorah. Take Hwy 52 north and then North Winn Road (W34) north to Seed Savers' Exchange.
Stream Segment Length: 2.00


Amenities at Pine Spring Creek include:
  • Picnic Area
  • Trails
  • Good/Excellent Shorefishing

District-Wide Trout Stream Fishing Report

Brook Trout - Good: A variety of insects currently hatching throughout the day. Matching hatch is key. On clear streams, use care not to be seen.
Brown Trout - Good: Off color water from rain inputs drive browns crazy. A spinner bait or subsurface nymph work well.
Rainbow Trout - Good: Use cheese or piece of worm under a bobber for best luck with a spinning rod.
Water clarity varies by stream but most are fishable. Additional rainfall over saturated ground will cause runoff and possible flooding. The only activity allowed on private property open to fishing is fishing. All other activities are prohibited. To find out where trout will be stocked, call the trout stocking number at 563.927.5736 or check out the 2019 calendar on our website.

Fishing Summary

Pine Spring Creek is located on the Seed Savers' Exchange Heritage Farm. The stream meanders 2 miles through the property and is home to a restored population of South Pine strain Brook Trout. Brook Trout were restored by stockings of native trout in 2003 and 2004. Brown Trout have not been stocked here, but migrate in from other streams. No recent stockings have occurred in the stream, and all Brook Trout and Brown Trout are from naturally reproducing populations. Special Regulations Apply: Brook Trout Catch and Release only. Artificial Lures only on this stream. Seeds Savers' Exchange does not allow tobacco use on their property to protect their heritage tobacco strains from tobacco mosaic virus. No alcohol allowed on property. (2017)

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      The Fishing Regulations brochure is available for download. The summaries listed below are a partial listing provided for your benefit.

        Iowa-Caught Fish Are Safe to Eat, In Almost All Cases

        The vast majority of Iowa’s streams, rivers and lakes offer safe and high-quality fish that pose little or no threat to human health if consumed. Some limitations may apply for young children and pregnant women. Here’s a Fish Consumption Fact Sheet from the Iowa DNR and the Iowa Dept. of Public Health for more information. Here is a list of current fish consumption advisories for Iowa lakes and rivers.