2018 P2 Intern Program - 12 Week Projects


The 2018 host intern companies and project description are listed below - 2018 Case Summaries Booklet

Cambrex - Charles City
Complete a survey of the steam and condensate return system and make recommendations to improve the efficiency of the system and reduce associated costs. 
Cambrex Case Summary

Hach - Ames
Quantify all sources of printed material in the manufacturing, warehouse, and shipping departments and devise actions to streamline the flow and tracking of material through the plant and reduce printing.
Hach Case Summary

Iowa Fertilizer Company - Wever
Examine the sanitary wastewater treatment system and research technical options to optimize ammonia removal. 
Iowa Fertilizer Case Summary

JBS USA, LLC - Marshalltown
Complete an assessment of the steam system and end use applications and develop an implementation and on-going maintenance plan to maintain the efficiency of the system. 
JBS - Marshalltown Case Summary

JBS Swift Pork - Ottumwa
Conduct a water balance in the steam generation and cooling systems throughout the plant and identify opportunities to balance the generation with the demand of the targeted system.
JBS - Ottumwa Case Summary

Monogram Prepared Meats - Harlan
Complete a study on the incoming electrical power to the plant and equipment operations to determine potential causes of premature failure and research solutions. 
Monogram Case Summary

Smithfield Mason City - Mason City
Develop a profile of waste streams at the plant and initiate a management plan that will improve segregation and collection practices at the point of generation and increase recycling of the cardboard and plastics waste streams.
Smithfield - Mason City Case Summary

Smithfield Packaged Meats Corp - Sioux City
Conduct a leak detection survey of the compressed air system and establish an on-going maintenance program and remediation plan to keep the system operating efficiently. 
Smithfield - Sioux City Case Summary

Stanley Engineered Fastening - Decorah
Conduct an analysis of the company's wastewater processes and explore cost-effective solutions to reduce residual solids and disposal costs. 
Stanley Case Summary

Zoetis - Charles City
Make recommendations to reduce energy usage in the Research and Administration Building and explore alternative energy options for powering a chiller.
Zoetis Case Summary

2018 P2 Intern Program - 24 Week Projects

Woodward Resource Center - Woodward
Research sustainable avenues to divert solid waste streams from the landfill and make recommendations to reduce water usage at the facility.
Woodward Case Summary