2017 P2 Intern Program - 12 Week Projects


The 2017 host intern companies and project description are listed below - 2017 Case Summaries Booklet

Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations 
Evaluate heat and water recovery and reuse opportunities and develop a process flow diagram and project cost analysis for implementation.
Bridgestone Case Summary

CF Industries
Develop strategies to reduce water and energy use during the production processes at the plant and assist with meeting corporate reduction goals for water and natural gas.
CF Industries Case Summary

Evaluate alternative products and processes for cleaning equipment and tools in the paint area and recommend an effective option that will reduce hazardous waste generation and associated greenhouse gases.
Curries Case Summary

DuPont Industrial Biosciences
Study the generation and disposal of a targeted waste stream and investigate reduction and diversion opportunities to support corporate sustainability goals.
DuPont Case Summary

Conduct a facility-wide water-balance and identify opportunities to reduce process water usage and improve the quality of wastewater discharges.
Hach Case Summary

Iowa Fertilizer Company
Conduct an analysis on the efficiency of the wastewater treatment system and make system optimization recommendations.
Iowa Fertilizer Case Summary

Conduct a water balance in all process areas of the plant and identify opportunities to reduce water usage and associated utility and operating costs.
JBS Case Summary

Principal Financial Group
Assess processes and procedures within specified areas of Principal's corporate campus operations and recommend strategies that could reduce energy and water consumption and associated GHG emissions.
Principal Case Summary

Smithfield Sioux City
Evaluate methods to improve the recovery process of wastewater grease and research reuse and recycling opportunities.
Smithfield Case Summary

Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc. - Storm Lake
Conduct an economic and environmental analysis of water use at the plant and recommend strategies to reduce pollutant levels in the wastewater.
Tyson Case Summary

Conduct a facility-wide water-balance and evaluate opportunities to improve the efficiency of single-pass and reverse osmosis systems.
Zoetis Case Summary

2017 P2 Intern Program - 12 Week Projects
Woodward Resource Center
Research opportunities and make recommendations to improve the efficiency of the boiler and steam systems to reduce energy usage and associated costs.
Woodward Case Summary

Woodward Case Summary - Final