Tier 1 Assessment

The purpose of the Tier 1 assessment is to use limited site data and conservative assumptions to determine whether a site poses an unreasonable risk to public health, safety or the environment. The first form below is known as the Tier 1 report. The Tier 1 Report is followed by a guidance document.

Due to regulatory changes and compatibility issues with newer operating systems, the Tier 1 software and Tier 1 software guidance have been removed from the UST web page.  The Tier 1 software should no longer be used or submitted with the Tier 1 Report. 

The Tier 1 Guidance document has been revised to include the Pathway Evaluation Worksheet (Appendix H).  The worksheet or flowcharts can assist with completing the Tier 1 Report.

The Tier 1 Report must now be completed using current DNR Form 542-0165, which has been updated to reflect regulatory changes.  If you have questions regarding the new Tier 1 reporting procedures, please contact the DNR project manager.