BR SLUG Version 3 Software Installation Instructions

Please note the BR SLUG Version 3 User’s Manual and files are large documents and may take some time to download from the web site.  A CD copy of Version 3 is available.  Please contact Bonnie Garrison at 515-777-8539 or

  1. Create a new directory on your hard drive (C Drive) and label it BRSlug3.
  2. Download the files brslugver3 using WinZip® to the directory by clicking the .zip file and selecting Extract all Files.
  3. This will start the Extraction Wizard.  As a precaution, scan the files for viruses if you have antivirus software.
  4. Click Next, and then on Browse... to select the new directory created on the hard drive.
  5. Click Next and extract the files to the directory. Click on the Finish button to close the WinZip® Extraction Wizard. There will be thirteen files:
    • BRSlug1.CAB
    • BRSlug2.CAB
    • BRSlug3.CAB
    • Example 1 Class.br2
    • Example 2 Class.br2
    • Example 3 Class.br2
    • Example 4 Class.br2
    • Example 5 Class.br2
    • Example 6 Class.br2
    • Example 7 Class.br2
    • Example 8 Class.br2
    • setup.exe
  6. Double click on setup.exe. This will start the installation program for BR SLUG Version 3.  After installation, the application will be shown in Start, All Programs as BRSlug V3.0