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Love Fall Color? Plant Some for Yourself with a Specialty Packet from the State Forest Nursery

  • 9/15/2015 12:00:00 PM
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DES MOINES – The Iowa DNR State Forest Nursery is kicking off a year of monthly specialty packets with September’s focusing on fall color.  Each month, the State Forest Nursery will create a different specialty packet which will offer a unique mix of species available only that month.  

“We want to help farmers, woodland owners and acreage owners discover the benefits different tree species have to offer,” says State Forester Paul Tauke. “Whether you want to improve water quality, pheasant habitat, or simply enjoy spring flowering trees, we will have something to offer for everyone with the monthly specialty packets.”

The Iowa DNR State Forest Nursery is helping Iowans plant trees and shrubs which boast brilliant fall color by offering the fall color specialty packet.  This packet will only be offered through the end of September, and includes a bonus 50 seedlings.

Orders of the Fall Color Packet through the State Forest Nursery will receive a custom packet of 250 bare-root seedlings (for the price of 200 seedlings). The seedlings are between 8 and 24 inches, depending on the tree or shrub species.  Cost of the Fall Color Specialty Packet is $110, plus tax, shipping and handling.

Packets include: 

  • 50 sugar maples; the flagship of autumn with its vibrant reds and oranges
  • 50 red oaks; deep red fall canopies and acorns to feed wildlife
  • 50 arrowwood viburnums; lush, green summer shrubs that turn pumpkin-orange in autumn and provide excellent wildlife cover
  • 50 aronias; radiant orange-purple shrubs with popular summer berries 
  • And a bonus 50 black cherries; a rustic purple autumn tree whose berries make great jams and jellies, or food for birds and wildlife

To take advantage of this offer, visit, scroll down to the Create-a-Packet section and choose Monthly Specialty Packet. Orders can also be placed by calling the State Forest Nursery at 1-800-865-2477 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Just mention the “Fall Color Packet.” 

Anyone can purchase Create-a-Packets from the Iowa State Forest Nursery to increase wildlife habitat, pollinator potential or diversify backyard woodlands.  Cost of a Create-a-Packet is $110, plus tax, shipping and handling, and includes 200 seedlings of up to 4 species. Seedling choices, including photos and descriptions, can be seen in the Seedling Catalog at

For more information about any of the monthly specials, contact the Iowa DNR State Forest Nursery at 1-800-865-2477.    

For those interested in viewing autumn foliage throughout Iowa in late September through mid-October, the DNR has a fall color hotline which can be found, along with other information, at: The hotline number, 515-233-4110, will be activated Sept. 22.