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Blue sheen in Sioux County stream traced to coop

  • 1/14/2019 3:36:00 PM
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BOYDEN - Monday morning, DNR investigators traced a blue-colored sheen in a creek running through Boyden to the local coop.

About 10 a.m. Jan. 14, someone reported an oily sheen on the creek, saying it extended downstream into the West Branch of the Floyd River.

DNR staff traced the sheen to a tanker truck at the Farmers Co-op Society. The coop manager estimates about 1,100 gallons of white mineral oil has leaked from the tank sometime over the last two weeks.

The oil has traveled about 6 miles downstream. DNR staff have seen no dead fish in the water.

The coop will scrape up contaminated soil, and place booms and absorbent pads across the river about 5 miles southwest of town to collect as much remaining oil as possible.

DNR will consider appropriate enforcement action and monitor the cleanup.