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DNR Air Quality to provide streamlined public notice

  • 4/24/2018 11:11:00 AM
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DES MOINES—Starting April 18, Iowa DNR will provide online public notice of air quality operating and major source construction permits.

“We are interested in people’s input on permits that are up for review,” said Lori Hanson, DNR air quality supervisor. “I’m excited about this change because I think the new system will reach more people. There are now basically four ways for people to learn about permits in their area—which will make it easier than ever to learn about opportunities to comment.”

  • Subscribe to either EcoNewsWire or the Air Quality Technical listserv to receive timely notices through emails. Those interested in signing up for either electronic newsletter should go the DNR’s social media and press room page.
  • Check online at the Public Participation page to see permits up for public comment.
  • Check for posted public notices at local libraries. DNR will notify libraries when a public comment period, usually 30 days, is open for a nearby facility.
  • Public hearings will also be posted in calendar listings on the DNR’s and State of Iowa’s home pages.


While DNR has posted information about draft permits and public comment periods for close to 20 years, Iowa DNR has also provided legal notice in a newspaper of general circulation. The printed notice met U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s requirements. However, EPA recently changed its notification requirements, which DNR adopted April 18.