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River Valley OHV Park
River Valley OHV Park

Managed by the DNR

Aaron Johnson, Park Ranger



Iowa OHV Parks and Rules


Although the park may be greening up, it is not safe for us to open it to use. We have hazard trees still standing, we have hazards that are on the ground, we have stumps that are not visible, and a lot of other issues we need to address. We want you to enjoy the area as much as you want to get in and ride, but we cannot permit access to an area that is not safe. 

The DNR has a duty and responsibility to keep the area closed if we are aware of hazards and rider exposure to risk. This is a different type of risk than rider responsibility.

We are currently assessing the work which needs to be done within the entire 360-acre area of the park. We want this to be as focused as possible in order to limit any unneccessary work and to keep the cost as low as possible. From there we will need to bid the contract and receive approval of the Natural Resource Commission, which is standard for a contract of this size. 

The OHV Program does not have the staff resources to address the clean-up needs of this park. This is why the work will need to be done through a contract. 

The water from the Missouri River has mostly vacated the park, although there is still some standing water in places. This is a drainage challenge for the park, which is typical of periods of flooding. We are hoping to get an engineering assessment completed in the month of August so that we will know how to proceed with contracting to get the park operational. We're hoping for drier weather so that we can get into the park and take a good look around.

In the meantime, feel free to contact me directly - Rhonda.Fowler@dnr.iowa.gov or 515-725-8490.





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