Virtual Iowa Outdoor Expo

Don't miss out on all of the same great Iowa Outdoor Expo fun just because we can't meet in person this year! We have several family-friendly videos and resources to expand your skills and knowledge about recreating in Iowa's Great Outdoors! Whether it is at a local park, recreation area, or even in your own backyard, you are sure to have a lot of fun! We are also offering several free virtual workshops. Be sure to sign your family up! Who knows you may discover a new skill and/or activity that you will end up enjoying for a lifetime!

Camping & Outdoor Cooking
Kid's Corner

All About Leaves (Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden)

Archery & Bowhunting Activity Book (Archery Trade Association)

Archery & Bowhunting Coloring & Writing Activity Book (Archery Trade Association)

Bass Connect the Dot Sheet (Iowa DNR)
Be a Dirt (Soil) Detective (Next Step Adventure)

Bluegill Color Page (Iowa DNR)

Camo Hide and Seek Activity (Archery Trade Association)

Channel Catfish Coloring Page (Iowa DNR)

Cooking with Cati (Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden)

Creek Critters

DIY Backyard Terrarium (Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden)

Draw a Raccoon (Iowa DNR)

Family Garden Tour and Scavanger Hunt (Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden)

Fishing in Iowa Crossword Puzzle (Iowa DNR)

Fishing Trip Word Search (Iowa DNR)

Flower Fun Packet (Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden)

Geology Activities (Polk County Conservation)

Germination Station (Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden)

Kids Campfire Recipes (Iowa DNR)

Largemouth Bass Coloring Page (Iowa DNR)

Let's Go Fishing Activities (Iowa DNR)

Make a Sediment Jar (Next Step Adventure)

Matching Sheet

Merlin Bird ID

PaddleQuest (American Canoe Association)

Plant Obstacle Course (Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden)

Pollinator Scavenger Hunt (Polk County Conservation)

Pond Scavenger Hunt (Polk County Conservation)

Predator Matching (Iowa DNR)

Seek by iNaturalist

Spring Ephmeral Wildflower Bingo (Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation)

Stream Selfie (Izaak Walton League)

Tree Leaf Scavenger Hunt (Polk County Conservation)

Turtle Nest Maze

Walleye Coloring Page

Water Scavenger Hunt (Polk County Conservation)

Wildlife Track Bingo (Archery Trade Association)

Young Ikes Activity Book: Ages 6 - 8 (Izaak Walton League)

Young Ikes Activity Book: Ages 9 - 11 (Izaak Walton League)

All About Seeds (Polk County Conservation) - Facebook Live video filmed for the monthly Toddler Tales series. Learn about the parts of a seed and what seeds need to grow.

Geology Rocks (Polk County Conservation)

How does pollination work? (Polk County Conservation) - Learn how pollination works, the types of pollinating animals and how plants attract them along with a "create your own flower" activity.

Life in a Log (Polk County Conservation) - Facebook Live video about the process of decomposition and find out who may be living in a log

Mysteries of the Moon (Polk County Conservation) - Facebook Live video about Earth's moon and an activity to make a model of the moon out of playdough

Shooting Sports
Water Sports

All About Beavers (Polk County Conservation) - Facebook Live video about the amazing adaptations that beavers have

Birds of Iowa (Polk County Conservation) - Learn what adaptations birds have and visit the Jester Park bird blind

Differences between Insects and Spiders (Polk County Conservation) - Learn about the differences between insects and spiders with a live hissing cockroach and tarantula

How Animals Move (Polk County Conservation) - Meet the Jester Park Nature Center education animals and observe how they move.

Life Cycle of an Insect (Polk County Conservation) - Learn about the life cycle or metamorphosis of an insect. 

Meet a Toad and Salamander (Polk County Conservation) - Facebook Live video about the resident amphibians at the Jester Park Nature Center

Owls of Iowa (Polk County Conservation) - Facebook Live video about the common and not so common owls found in Iowa and their amazing adaptations

Snake Adaptations (Polk County Conservation) - Facebook Live video of two of our education snakes at the Jester Park Nature Center. Get a close up look at how they swallow their prey.

Snakes are Reptiles (Polk County Conservation) - Learn why snakes are reptiles and meet two snakes that call Iowa home

Superheroes of Nature (Polk County Conservation) - Facebook Live video is about the amazing adaptations animals have

Turtle Talk (Polk County Conservation) - Facebook Live video of two of the resident turtles at the Jester Park Nature Center

Visit with the Jester Park Bison (Polk County Conservation) - Facebook Live video of a close up look at the resident bison herd at Jester Park

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Saturday, September 24, 2022 from 10am-4pm

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