Water Improvement Plans

When the DNR completes a draft version of a Water Quality Improvement Plan, the public will have an opportunity to review the draft document and make comments. The DNR will respond to all comments received during the public comment period and include the comments and responses in the Water Quality Improvement Plan. The public can also attend a public meeting, held near the middle of the public comment period, to discuss the Water Quality Improvement Plan with the DNR and partner groups involved in its development. After the public comment period ends, the DNR will package up the document to submit to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for their approval. Only after the EPA approves the plan is it considered a Final Water Quality Improvement Plan.

Public Meetings:

ATTENTION: All public meetings involving TMDLs will be replaced by video presentations accompanied by public comment periods until further notice.


July 27, 2022: There are no open public comment periods for draft TMDLs at this time. Thank you for submitting your comments for the Lake Anita Draft Water Quality Improvement Plan (TMDL). The public presentation for the plan will remain available to view on the DNR YouTube Channel.


Submit public comments or any questions about the plan or public presentation to:

James Hallmark, Iowa DNR TMDL Program
james.hallmark@dnr.iowa.gov (preferred)


James Hallmark c/o Iowa DNR
Wallace State Office Building
502 E. Ninth St.
Des Moines, IA 50319



Draft TMDLs awaiting EPA review and approval:

Lake Anita TMDL

Wilson Park Lake TMDL

Final Water Quality Improvement Plans