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In-Lieu Fee (ILF) Stream Mitigation Program

The Iowa DNR is working with stakeholders regarding development of compensatory mitigation options for stream impacts in Iowa.   Multiple systems exist for delivering compensatory mitigation, including mitigation banks and in-lieu fee programs.

Over the last 18 months the Iowa DNR has investigated the feasibility of an in-lieu fee compensatory mitigation program (ILF program) to serve the needs of stream mitigation work for USACE permittees in Iowa.  This process was initiated in response to conversations with various constituent groups and complements Iowa DNR’s work on other river restoration initiatives, including the Rivers Restoration Best Management Practices Toolbox and Iowa Stream Mitigation Method.  The project focused on an ILF program structure as the system most often operated by governmental agencies in other states.

Work to date has culminated in the document titled “In-Lieu Fee Market Assessment and Alternatives Analysis,” which can be found at the below link.  Analysis has shown that an Iowa DNR-sponsored ILF program could be financially sustainable. 

The Department is working with an advisory team to determine the best route for developing compensatory mitigation options in the state.  The advisory team consists of a cross section of experienced mitigation providers and potential program users and/or contributors from across the state. 

Progress updates will be posted to this page as new information becomes available. 


Feasibility Analysis - Iowa DNR

The DNR River Restoration Website shows how we blend many tools from a variety of internal and external stakeholders. 

NEW: DNR River Restoration Toolbox - A series of best  management practices developed to assist designers in stream stabilization and restoration projects in Iowa.

Meeting Information

There are no meetings currently planned for the public or the project advisory group at this time.

The DNR hosted a public meeting on September 20, 2017 at the Urbandale Public Library.  Iowa DNR staff shared findings of the In Lieu Fee Feasibility Analysis and next steps should an ILF program be developed at the DNR. 

Presentation from 9/20/2017 ILF public meeting:
ILF Public Meeting Presentation

Contact Information

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Bureau Chief, Water Quality Bureau
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