2016 P2 Intern Program - 12 Week Projects


The 2016 host intern companies and project description are listed below - 2016 Case Summaries Booklet

Alcoa, Inc
Establish an effective point-of-generation collection system to improve the efficiency of solid waste segregation and handling processes.
Alcoa Case Summary

Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations
Create a process flow diagram for a reverse osmosis system, quantify the environmental savings and financial impacts and develop an implementation plan.
Bridgestone Americas Case Summary

City of Bloomfield
Conduct energy audits of targeted systems at the high school and facilities buildings and make recommendations to reduce energy usage and associated costs.
City of Bloomfield Case Summary

City of Clinton
Conduct a feasibility study and cost analysis for the use of alternative energy sources at the wastewater treatment plant.
City of Clinton Case Summary

Hach Company
Document the Impacts of targeted environmental Aspects to support ISO 14001 certification and to recommend strategies to reduce or eliminate targeted waste streams.
Hach Case Summary

Hormel Foods Corporation
Identify opportunities in the smokehouse cooling process to reduce water usage and associated operating costs.
Hormel Foods Case Summary

Principal Financial Group
Conduct a water balance and waste stream analysis of buildings on the corporate campus and initiate a comprehensive management plan that includes source reduction and reuse strategies.
Principal Financial Case Summary

Wells Enterprises, Inc
Improve sustainability by optimizing the efficiency of the compressed air system to reduce energy usage and associated costs.
Wells Enterprises Case Summary

Evaluate the efficiency of the chilled water system and identify opportunities to reduce energy usage.
Zoetis Case Summary

2016 P2 Intern Program - 24 Week Projects

CF Industries
Develop strategies to reduce water and energy use during the production processes at the plant and assist with meeting corporate reduction goals for water and natural gas.
CF Industries Case Summary
CF Industries Final Case Summary