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Section 304, Emergency Release Notification


The State of Iowa requires any person manufacturing, storing, handling, transporting, or disposing of a hazardous substance to notify the department and local law enforcement of the occurrence of a hazardous condition. The notification should be made as soon as possible, but not later than six hours after the onset or discovery of the hazardous condition. Local law enforcement is also required by Iowa Code to report a "Hazardous Condition" to the department within six hours.

The State of Iowa requires a person storing, handling, transporting, or land-applying manure from a confinement feeding operation or storing, handling, transporting, or land-applying manure, process wastewater, open feedlot effluent, settled open feedlot effluent or settleable solids from an open feedlot operation who becomes aware of a release shall notify the department.  The notification of the occurrence of release must be made as soon as possible, but not later than six hours after the onset or discovery of the release by contacting the department. The local police department or the office of the sheriff of the affected county shall also be contacted within the same time period if the spill involves a public roadway and public safety could be threatened. For more information on animal feeding operations please visit Animal Feeding Operation website.


If In Doubt…Report It!


PLEASE NOTE:  On July 1, 2015 the Environmental Emergency Reporting Hotline Number Changed to 515-725-8694

If the hazardous condition involves the release of an EPA regulated material or an oil as defined by the EPA, the release may also need to be reported to the National Response Center at (800) 424-8802. Federal Reporting is required within 15 minutes of event occurrence or discovery.  

Hazardous Incident Tracking Database 


The Iowa Department of Natural Resources' Hazardous Incident Tracking database tracks chemical spills and releases, manure releases, and continuous release notifications.

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