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Electronic Manure Management Plan (MMP) Project

Overview of Pre-planning to improve MMP submittal process:
Pitching in to Reduce Piles

One year out and nearly two out of three submit annual MMPs online

It's been just over a year since DNR rolled out the eMMP--allowing producers to submit MMPs and pay fees online. Producers and consultants have embraced the new technology --submitting about 60 percent of annual manure management plans online. 

“We are pleased to see so many producers using the application. We asked people who file MMPs to tell us what they wanted. And that paid off, helping us create a product people really like.” - Ted Petersen, project coordinator

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The electronic MMP application (eMMP) is now live

It’s time to save money, time and effort by submitting annual MMP short forms online. Sign up now to use the eMMP. On March 22, DNR mailed a PIN number to each known livestock facility that is required to submit an MMP. To use the application, owners will need to follow these three steps:

  • Create a State of Iowa login ID
  • Enter the secure PIN number to activate the account and grant access to a consultant
  • Submit the short form from home, office or smart phone. Log in, fill out the form, pay fees and submit. 

Get started by clicking on the “MMP – Submit Online” button at the right to navigate to the application. Select “Help” at the top of the application page for more information.

Or, read the DNR fact sheet: Instructions for Online eMMP Submittal for step-by-step instructions. View detailed instructions on each topic at the “eMMP Webinar – View Online” button at right. 

eMMP Background

The DNR works to protect water, air and land quality by providing updated information on state requirements for animal production. DNR staff also strive to be efficient and customer friendly—looking for ways to improve our processes and services.

Following requests to develop an electronic submittal process for manure management plans, DNR hosted a week-long event in December 2016. DNR asked for input from those who create, submit and process about 7,000 plans annually: animal producers, consultants and technical service providers, county staff and DNR staff. Participants provided their perspectives, including advice on how to build an electronic submittal option for the annual short form and how to pay fees electronically. 

Look to this page for continual updates as event participants improve forms and work to provide electronic options for producers and consultants.

For those who prefer using paper forms, DNR will continue to process hard copies. See updated form below. Submit paper MMPs using the current process. 

Phase 1 – Electronic Short Form – Estimated Availability Spring 2018

For those who choose to submit the short form electronically, the following services will be available:

  • Electronic notification/reminder of upcoming due dates
  • Electronic annual short form submission
  • Electronic payment options of fees
  • Electronic notification to Counties.  

Handling Manure Management Plans -- Looking for a Better Way

Now Available

An updated version of the MMP Short Form for Annual Updates (DNR form 542-8162) consolidates the previous short form and the fee form. 

Animal Feeding Operations Rule Change Approved: 

A rule amendment that allows Manure Management Plan updates and payments to be submitted electronically will become effective on Nov. 15. Learn more about the proposed changes

Design Event – Hosted December 2016

eMMP Benefits

What is an eMMP?

eMMP - How To File

Learn how to file your eMMP online:

eMMP Webinar
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