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Pre-construction Requirements for Small AFOs

Pre-construction requirements for confinement feeding operations with an animal unit capacity of 500 animal units or less and that use formed manure storage.

While construction permits and manure management plans are not required, the following pre-construction requirements apply:

  • Distance Requirements for Construction  or | includes small animal feeding operations (SAFOs), see definition below.
  • Storm Water Plan (if construction will disturb one or more acres)
  • An alluvial soils determination must be done prior to the start of any construction. Refer to the DNR's AFO Siting Atlas. For more information, check Proper Siting Requirements or contact the DNR AFO permitting engineer at 712-262-4177.
  • An artificial ground water lowering system (drain tile) must be installed if a SAFO uses formed storage that is constructed below or partially below the ground. The only time a lowering system would not be required is if a professional engineer determines that the formed storage would be constructed above the seasonal high water table according to 65.15(7).

Definition: Small animal feeding operation or SAFO - an animal feeding operation that has an animal unit capacity of 500 or fewer animal units.