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Logging and Timber Sales

Celebrate Iowa Forests

Visit the DNR Building at the Iowa State Fair for a chance to win prizes, talk to DNR experts, attend an outdoor-themed presentation and more! 

The whole family will have fun learning about Iowa trees with these activities:

  • Tree-friendly bird feeders  - 11am - noon and 2pm - 3pm August 8, 12, 15 & 18
  • Tree and Fish Relationships Tree-via - 5pm August 8
  • Iowa Forests/Trees Tree-via - 5pm August 10
  • Hillside Demo Kids Activity showing trees and erosion control -  all day August 11 & 17
  • Trees as Nature's Recyclers Tree-via - 5pm August 11
  • Tree and Animal/Bird Relationships Tree-via - 5pm August 12
  • Smokey Bear will make appearances throughout the day August 13 & 16
  • Tree and Pollinator/Insect Relationships Tree-via - 5pm August 13
  • Is This Sticky? tree related items which can be handled/touched -  all day August 14
  • Tree and Waterway/Wetland Relationships Tree-via - 5pm August 14
  • Tree and Hunting/Animal Forage Relationships Tree-via - 5pm August 15
  • Iowa Forests/Trees Tree-via - 5pm August 16
  • Tree and Cooking/Campfires Tree-via - 5pm August 17
  • Tree and Mammal Relationships Tree-via - 5pm August 18

The DNR building will be open every day of the Iowa State Fair from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. Buy or renew your DNR Iowa Outdoors magazine and get a free t-shirt, only at the Iowa State Fair.

Bonded Timber Buyers

Bonded Timber Buyer List

Iowa's Bonded Timber Buyer law states:
"A person who engages in business as a timber buyer without filing a bond or surety with the commission (DNR Forestry) is guilty of a serious misdemeanor."

"Timber Buyer" is defined as a person engaged in the business of buying timber from the timber growers, for sawing into lumber for processing or resale. This does not include a person who occasionally purchases timber for sawing or processing for that person's own use and not for resale. Timber buyer includes a person who contracts with a timber grower on a share-profit basis to harvest timber from the grower's land.

Iowa's Bonded Timber Buyer Law

Rules pertaining to the Bonded Timber Buyer Law

July 1, 2020 Bonded Timber Buyer Law Changes

To report illegal timber buying/harvesting, or to report a non-bonded person or company, please click on the following link to contact your local law enforcement officer:

Iowa Law Enforcement Map

Required Forms for Bonded Timber Buyers

Timber buyers in Iowa are required by law to have an application and a surety bond on file with the Iowa DNR before cutting any trees. This law also requires all timber buyers to renew their application by January 1 of each year.

If you want to use a certificate of deposit that is co-owned with Iowa DNR, then complete these forms:

* Iowa law requires a certificate of deposit to be held for one year after receiving this form for redemption. Form NRC72-5

As of July 1, 2020 Timber Transport Certificates are now required to haul logs in Iowa.  Please fill this form out before hauling. Form NRC72-6

Landowner Resources

For general information about harvesting trees check out the links below. To insure that you are making wise management decisions on your property it is highly advisable to meet with your forester, discuss your short and long term management objectives, and assess your resource.

Contact your district forester for assistance.


Directory of Wood Processors in Iowa

Call Before You Cut

Interested in a timber sale but need more information?

"Call Before You Cut" provides Iowa specific information about timber sales, advice, and what to expect. (or 515-291-2829)

Call Before You Cut

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