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Don't forget - take manure applicator training now

  • 8/24/2016 2:21:00 PM
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Be sure your certification is up-to-date before the fall manure application season begins. 

In Iowa, confinement site manure applicators — people who haul and land apply manure from a confinement (totally roofed) facility with a capacity of 500 or more animal units (1,250 finishing hogs, 500 beef cattle, etc.) — must be certified or use a certified commercial manure applicator. Commercial applicators (those who are in the business of hauling or applying manure) must also be properly certified. 

Please note: those who haul and land apply manure from open feedlots (uncovered or partially covered facilities) or smaller confinements are not required to be certified or use a certified applicator. 

Commercial and confinement manure applicators have three options to complete annual training requirements :

To finalize certification, submit fees and forms to the DNR. Find more information from DNR or ISU Extension on certification options and requirements.

For specific questions, contact Jeff Prier at 319-653-2135 or