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DNR Investigates Fish Kill in Jackson County Trout Stream

  • 9/9/2016 8:58:00 PM
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ANDREW --DNR is investigating a fish kill in Upper Brush Creek, a trout stream about 3.5 miles north of Andrew in Jackson County.

The pollutant and its source are not yet known, but water samples will be sent for laboratory testing to identify the pollutant.

The fish kill was discovered when DNR fisheries staff pulled up to stock trout Friday morning. The fish kill extends at least a mile downstream and includes a few dead trout, and many other species: suckers, stone cats and minnows.

No trout were stocked at Upper Brush Creek Friday, but anglers will find newly stocked fish on Lower Brush Creek south of Highway 62.

DNR will continue to monitor the stream and look for the source of pollution.

Anyone with knowledge of a fish kill can help by immediately calling the 24-hour environmental spill number at 515-725-8694. The sooner it’s reported, the more likely the cause will be found.