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DNR Investigating Fish Kill in McLoud Run in Cedar Rapids

  • 5/16/2016 4:22:00 PM
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CEDAR RAPIDS – DNR field staff were onsite in Cedar Rapids Saturday and again Monday trying to track down a fish kill that occurred on McLoud Run Friday night.

A young angler called DNR Saturday morning to report he saw dead trout floating downstream starting about 7 p.m.

DNR staff searched the stream Saturday afternoon and Monday morning but were unable to trace the source of the pollutant. Results from field water testing were inconclusive.

DNR fisheries staff found 319 dead brown, rainbow and brook trout ranging from six to 16 inches. They did not find any dead minnows or other small fish, but did see live trout and white suckers swimming in the stream.

DNR will continue to investigate, checking storm water outlets along Center Point Road NE south from about 42nd Street south. The fish kill ran about one mile from that area to Cedar Lake.

Anyone seeing a fish kill or spill can report it to DNR’s 24-hour Environmental Emergency Response number at 515-725-8694. The sooner a spill is reported, the more likely the pollutant can be identified.