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Stream Mitigation Program Planning Opening

  • 9/4/2015 12:00:00 PM
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Background: Changes to the joint US Army Corps of Engineers and US Environmental Protection Agency’s Compensatory Mitigation Rule in 2008 standardized expectations for mitigation projects and programs.   Mitigation planning can delay road improvement projects and other construction activities that are unable to avoid impacts.  In addition, organizations responsible for providing stream mitigation often have difficulty finding appropriate project sites with willing property owners.  To meet federal guidelines, improve the quality of proposed stream mitigation projects, and increase the consistency and speed of project reviews, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources is working with partners to draft an “Iowa Stream Mitigation Method” that can be used statewide to evaluate impacts and proposed mitigations on Iowa’s streams.  Once finalized, this Method will provide a platform for development of stream mitigation banks or in-lieu fee programs.  Such programs benefit rivers, developers, and the public by consolidating resources to produce high quality restoration projects in a timely manner. 

Now hiring: With completion of the Iowa Stream Mitigation Method on the horizon, IDNR is pleased to announce the opening of a new full-time 18-month contract position to contribute to IDNR’s efforts to further stream mitigation planning activities and meet the needs of state agencies, private developers, and the public.  IDNR needs an enthusiastic person to support this phase of our planning effort.  This position will work closely with our planning team, research other states’ programs, assess resource needs, develop a business plan, propose rule changes, and will likely be responsible for drafting the documents required by the federal mitigation rule for sponsorship of an in-lieu fee program.  This person will be expected to work collaboratively with members of IDNR’s internal planning team, partner organizations, technical service providers, the Interagency Review Team, and the public.

Please see the job description for position details, desired qualifications, and application procedure.  This posting closes on September 30, 2015.  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Claire Hruby at or 515.725.8348.