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DNR seeks public input on wildlife administrative rule revisions

  • 7/10/2024 2:45:00 PM
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The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is seeking informal comments on administrative rules for Iowa wildlife and related programs. Executive Order 10 (EO10), signed by Governor Reynolds on January 10, 2023, requires all state agencies to identify which administrative rule chapters will be retained or rescinded. The EO10 process includes public engagement with the opportunity for input.

The Iowa DNR has reviewed the following rule chapters relating to programs administered by the Wildlife Bureau: 571 Iowa Administrative Code (IAC) Chapters 51 (Game Management Areas), 52 (Wildlife Refuges), 91 (Waterfowl and Coot Hunting Seasons), 92 (Migratory Game Birds), 96 (Pheasant, Quail and Gray (Hungarian) Partridge), 97 (Common Snipe, Virginia Rail and Sora, Woodcock, Ruffed Grouse, and Dove), 98 (Wild Turkey – Spring), 99 (Wild Turkey – Fall), 100 (Crow and Pigeon), 101 (Falconry Regulations), 102 (Falconry Regulations for Hunting Game), 105 (Deer Population Management Zones), 107 (Rabbit and Squirrel), 108 (Mink, Muskrat, Raccoon, Badger, Opossum, Weasel, Striped Skunk, Fox (Red and Gray), Beaver, Coyote, River Otter, Bobcat, Gray (Timber) Wolf, and Spotted Skunk), 109 (Groundhog), 110 (Trapping Limitations), and 114 (Nuisance Wildlife Control).

Based on the review, DNR has revised these chapters to eliminate redundancies and improve efficiency and clarity. The public is invited to provide informal comments on the proposed rule changes. DNR will accept written comments through July 19, 2024. Written comments or questions regarding the proposed rules should be submitted to the following individuals:

Comments should be made to specific portions of the rules.

After receiving and reviewing informal comments, the DNR will create a draft Regulatory Analysis and draft Notice of Intended Action. The DNR will host a formal public comment period for these drafts, followed by a public hearing, in September 2024.

Proposed versions of the rules can be found on the DNR webpage: