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Boil advisory issued for City of Moulton

  • 7/10/2024 9:52:00 AM
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DES MOINES -- A boil advisory has been issued for the City of Moulton in Appanoose County following a water main break. The incident happened at 5:00 a.m. when a water main ruptured, draining the water tower and resulting in pressure loss. 

The main has been repaired, and the affected area is being disinfected and flushed. City officials are notifying residents via Facebook.

Officials say there is no reason to believe water quality has been compromised, but as a precaution, customers are encouraged to boil water that will be consumed or used for food preparation. Water should be boiled for two minutes and allowed to cool before use. Water is safe to use for showering, laundry, general washing and outdoor use without boiling.

Two sets of bacteria samples will be collected for testing. The boil advisory will be lifted once two consecutive sets of bacterial samples have tested negative for bacteria.