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Comment period extended to Oct. 21 for AFO rule revisions

  • 10/7/2022 11:04:00 AM
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The DNR is extending the deadline for providing informal comment to proposed rules for animal feeding operations in Iowa. The new deadline is October 21, 2022.

As part of the Five-Year Rule Review process, DNR is proposing revisions to the animal feeding operation rules located in 567 Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 65. The draft rule is available on the DNR's AFO web page.

The rule revisions will: 

  • reduce redundancies,
  • provide clarifications, and
  • remove outdated provisions.

Written comments or questions regarding the proposed rule revisions should be submitted to Comments should be made to specific portions of the rules; at this time no revisions will be made to the appendixes at the end of the chapter.

Following this informal comment period, DNR will review all comments and prepare a proposed draft rule for preclearance approval by the Governor’s Office. If the proposed rules receives preclearance approval, the formal rulemaking process will begin. The formal rulemaking process includes a Notice of Intended Action and a public comment period, with approvals from the Environmental Protection Commission and the Administrative Rules Review Committee.